Lago Di Martignano
Lake Martignano (Italian: Lago di Martignano), is a small lake in Lazio, Italy 15 m. due N.N.W. of Rome, in an extinct crater. In ancient times it was part of southern Etruria and called Alsietinus Lacus. Augustus drew from it the Aqua Alsietina; the water was hardly fit to drink, and was mainly intended to supply his naumachia (lake made for a sham naval battle) at Rome, near 5. Francesco a Ripa, on the right bank of the Tiber, where some traces of the aqueduct were perhaps found in 1720. The course of the aqueduct, which was mainly subterranean, is practically unknown: Frontinus tells us that it received a branch from the lake of Bracciano near Careiae (Galera): and an inscription relating to it was found in this district in 1887 (F. Barnabei, Notizie degli Scavi, 1887, 181).

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